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Jones Building Consultants is owned and managed by Greg Jones. Greg has over 25 years' experience in the building industry. He is a qualified and licensed builder, carpenter and joiner. Greg completed his apprenticeship in the Australian Army and has successfully completed TAFE's General Building Course gaining an Associate Diploma of Applied Science (Building). Greg now uses his skills and experience to help home owners avoid confrontation with their builder by resolving potential issues before they arise. Greg also represents home owners as an Expert Witness at court and tribunal hearings.

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Our Expertise

Expert Witness Reports

Are you having a building dispute with your builder or tradesman? Or are you a builder or tradesman having a building dispute with your client? We can assist with your building dispute and we can act as an Expert Witness and attend QCAT Expert Conclaves as your expert.

Building Progress Reports

Our consultancy service is designed to ensure that your completed build, renovation, extension, alteration or restoration meets all the necessary standards and regulations and you have all the necessary certification from tradesmen.

Building Defect Reports

We can review original agreements and inspect the work completed. We can prepare defect reports detailing our findings and provide recommendations and costings to rectify the issues.



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How We Can Help



    • We can help you choose the best draftsman or architect for your project


  • We can assist you in obtain quotes from reputable builders, experienced in the type of construction you are looking to partake.
  • Review the quotes and help you select the best quote


  • Review the contract for accuracy and completeness
  • Ensure the appropriate contract is being used
  • Check stages and breakdown of progress payments


  • Periodic inspections of work and workmanship
  • Check subcontractor’s ability and licenses
  • Ensure that appropriate materials are being used
  • Ensure that specialist materials meet Australian Standards and are being installed as per the manufacturers specifications

Progress Payments

  • Check validity and timing of progress payment claims by the builder
  • Check that each stage has been reached prior to payment


  • Check variation costs to ensure the price is reasonable
  • Check that the variation is warranted


  • Ensure that the builder uses the correct paperwork throughout the construction period. For example: variation forms, stage completeness forms, inspection certificates, plumbing certificates and so on.
  • Collection of mandatory certificate from specialist trades and suppliers
  • Ensure that the builder provides all of the required documentation to you and the Council

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If you want to find out more about our consultancy services and how we can help, please contact us.

What People Say

"We engaged Greg Jones as our expert witness for independent assessment of construction work. These works were undertaken by a builder with whom we were in a legal dispute. We requested Greg perform invasive investigation of the existing structure including a retaining wall and structural support steelwork, assessment of carpentry and painting, production of written reports of all investigation works for submission to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT), and attend the QCAT court hearing as expert witness to give evidence and for cross-examination. We found that Greg performed these tasks extremely well. He was scrupulous in his unbiased and honest assessments, both written and verbal and responded to the rigors of cross-examination with clarity and displayed obvious professionalism and integrity. This was very much in our favour in the overall outcome of the legal dispute. We highly recommend Greg for any similar role."
The Millers, Brisbane