Planning a New Build, Renovation, Extension or Alteration

32Buderim02Our consultancy service is designed to help people navigate the building process. The building process is time-consuming and often complicated. There are many risks involved and making mistakes or incorrect decisions can be costly and result in significant delays to your project. We can provide a one-off consultation on your project or we can provide advice and guidance throughout the course of the your project.

Our consultancy service is designed to help owner-builders, property developers, property investors, builders…or anyone who is planning:

  • a new build
  • to renovate an existing building
  • to build an extension
  • minor renovations to an existing building
  • to build a deck, veranda or pergola
  • to build a carport or garage
  • to restore an existing building
  • to raise or restump an existing building

We can meet with you onsite to provide you with help and guidance to ensure that you make the right decisions. We can help you save thousands on your project by providing you with alternative ideas, suggesting different materials or techniques or helping you work better with your chosen tradesmen. We will meet with you onsite for a one-hour consultation to answer your initial questions and we can advise you on the following:

  • Approximate cost of build, renovation, extension or alteration
  • Ideas and suggestions
  • What can and cannot be done e.g. structural limitations
  • Specific products
  • The building process i.e. what the stages are, who needs to be involved and when
  • Development application and building approval processes
  • Building rules and regulations e.g. boundaries and clearances
  • Constructions methods
  • Quotes received i.e. we can review any quotes you have received and provide feedback on the specific tasks and costs quoted
  • Tradesmen referrals

Call Greg directly on 0405 843 207 or Arrange a Consultation using our online form.